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2021 Tennessee JR Black Hereford Show was held March 03/14/2021

Thank you to all participants

at James E Ward Agricultural center in Lebanon , TN.

James E. Ward Agriculture Center
945 East Baddour Parkway Lebanon, TN 37087

Download the following information (PDF)



General Information

  1. All show information, registration forms, etc. are available on the TBHA website at
  2. All animals must be registered/recorded in the ABHA
  3. The owner of the animal(s) being exhibited must be in good standing with the Association
  4. Each animal must be in the owners recorded ownership by February 1 2021
  5. The entry fee for exhibition is $35.00 per animal online, $45.00 per animal for late entry.
  6. Show Registrations must be postmarked by February 22-2021
  7. Registration/Entry: Registration/Entry form(s) and payment should be filled out completely and submitted by the set deadline. The Registration/Entry form(s) can be submitted electronically on line though the TBHA website or print and submitted by mail to the below address. Credit Cards can be accepted as payment if completed online, an invoice will then be generated for payment.
  8. Paper entries must be postmarked on, or before, the entry deadline indicated for each show. The member entering in the show is responsible to make sure that the entries are mailed and postmarked to meet all the entry requirements. The TBHA is not responsible for entries that are mishandled, incorrectly postmarked or not delivered by the United States Postal Service, United Parcel Service, Federal Express or any other carrier.
  9. NOTE: “Postmarked” means postmarked by the U.S. Postal Service. Privately metered entries and applications will not be accepted. When sending entries by mail, it is highly encouraged to use overnight, registered or certified mail services.
  10. Send Paper Entry Form, Copy of Registration Paper, and Payment for Paper entries to: TBHA- Show/Sale 175 Dry Fork Rd Brush Creek, Tn 38547
  11. Animals will be accepted on Friday March 12/2021 from 2pm to 9pm ( Central time Zone). They will be checked in by TBHA Reps and the breeder will be assigned an indoor tie up the tie up out side are available .
  12. NO animals are allowed in the Barn prior to Friday March 12 at 2pm
  13. All entries must be halter broken to be exhibited in the haltered show.
  14. Any heifer registered as a heifer, that calves prior to show day, will be moved to the respective cow calf pair class.
  15. Bedding will be provided
  16. NO DOGS will be allowed in the barn area or show arena.
  17. NO Alcohol on the premise.
  18. There will be designated time announced for you to officially check in your haltered animals. You are required to bring your animal at that time to the designated area for check in. Tattoos, ID and all required health papers and registration papers must be presented and in order.
  19. Only HB & HX animals may participate in the Cow/Calf show.


  1. Only one person will be allowed to lead each entry in the showring.
  2. Any exhibitor who loses control of his/her entry more than twice in the showring will be asked to remove the animal from the ring.
  3. All entries must be on time for their respective class. Once the entries in the exhibitor’s respective class have begun walking into the profile view, the exhibitor is too late and ineligible to compete.
  4. All bulls must be shown with a nose lead.
  5. Altering the conformation or natural appearance of the animal is prohibited. This includes covering of white skin and the use of artificial tailheads, switches, or any use of false hair. Other prohibited products include illegal or unlicensed pharmaceuticals, or artificial filling. Any animal found in violation will be barred from showing.
  6. The act of artificially filling animals internally, which includes stomach pumping, drench tubes or any other method by mouth or esophagus is prohibited.
  7. Any animal upon check-in, which does not have legible permanent identification marks (ear tattoo) corresponding to the permanent identification on its registration certificate is ineligible to show. Once disqualified due to an incorrect, illegible, or absence of a permanent identification mark, animals cannot be permanently identified and re-checked at the show.
  8. All entries must meet Tennessee Health Regulations. Entries must have a current official health certificate from your veterinarian. Make sure that all Tennessee health regulations are met.
  9. The individual classes will be made up and divided after the cattle are checked in at the show. They will be judged from the youngest class to the oldest within each class.
  10. Calves on the side of cow-calf pairs MUST BE the cow’s natural calf.
  11. Each exhibitor must wear registration/entry numbers on their backs.
  12. If all the rules, regulations and requirement of the show are not met, the show management reserves the right to disqualify any entry.



Heifer Show Classifications: Haltered Heifer Exhibition F1 (50%Angus/50% Hereford) Percentage Back or HX (62.5 – 87.49% Hereford Blood)   Bull Show Classifications: Bulls will be shown in two classifications: Percentage (62.5 – 87.49% Hereford Blood) Purebred (87.5% or Higher Hereford Blood) Classes will be determined after all show entries are processed. Special Bull rules and regulations:

  1. ALL bulls will have a halter; neck rope and nose lead in at all times.
  2. Bulls must be 36 months and younger

Champion Percentage Bull / Champion Purebred Bull Reserve Champion Percentage Bull / Reserve Champion   The TBHA reserves the right to change the breaks in the classes   For additional questions or information contact any of the following Show & Sale Committee Members for additional information: Show Chairman Ronnie Campbell (931) 205-7809 Scotty Barrett (615) 854-6332    


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