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Sale: April 6, 2024
Ron Ramsay Regional Agriculture Center
140 Spurgeon Lane, Blountville TN 37617

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Cattle delivery starts April 4th at noon and can viewed starting at 1pm EST on April 5th at until sale time at 1pm on April 6, 2024

See the Sales Catalog (PDF)

Bobby Singleton, Sale Manger (615) 708 – 1034
Ryan Profit, Special Assignment (423) 791 – 1710 Robert Brooks, Marketing Agent (423) 307 – 9149 Tommy Coley, Special Assignment (815) 988 – 7051 Will Coon, Special Assignment (865) 237 – 7711 Kendall Singleton, Singleton Marketing (615) 605 – 8088

Singleton Marketing Services
Bobby Singleton (615) 708 – 1034
Kendall Singleton (615) 605 – 8088

Dale Stith (918) 760 – 1550
Jensen Livestock Ins (785) 262 – 1116

Brian Wyatt (423) 240 – 5533
Mark Willoughby (615) 585 – 8326

Sleep Inn – (423) 279 – 1811
200 Hospitality Place, Kingsport, TN 37663
La Quinta Inn & Suites – (423) 323 – 0500
10150 Airport Pkwy, Kingsport, TN 37663


Cash or good check unless arrangements are made with owners prior to the sale. Settlement should be made promptly with the cashier at the close of the sale.


After an animal is in the sale ring, it will be sold to the highest bidder. The auctioneer will settle all disputes relative to bids. Announcements: Any correction made sale day from the auction block will take precedence over statements in the catalog or other advertising. Trucking: Delivery is the buyer’s responsibility, but all consignors will assist with delivery if possible.


Through pedigree and/or DNA testing, all sale cattle are free from all known genetic defects. All animals of breeding age are guaranteed breeders. All untried animals are guaranteed to be without known defects, but nothing further. Animals failing to breed after a trial of six months may be returned to the farm or seller, in good condition. The seller reserves the right to try said animal for six months and if it proves to be a breeder, to return it to the buyer at his expense. If the animal proves to be a non-breeder, satisfactory exchange will be made or purchase price will be refunded.

All bulls will have passed a breeding soundness exam performed by a veterinarian within 30 days of sale day and they also will have had a negative BVD – PI test.

Each animal will be at the purchaser’s risk as soon as sold and can be moved after the settlement has been made.
Cattle sell under the standard terms and conditions of the American Black Hereford Association. The Tennessee Black Hereford Association and sale management act only as agents between buyer and seller, and any guarantees will strictly be handled between seller and buyer.


Each animal will be accompanied by an individual health certificate.


Cattle are available for load out following conclusion of the sale. Settlement must be made prior to load out. Please chech your settlement sheet with the owner or sale representative to be sure you have the correct animal.


Neither owners or sale management assume any liability for any accidents that may occur to the animal after it is sold. All persons who attend the sale do so at their own risk and owners or sale personnel assume no liability for accidents prior to, during, or after the sale.


Registration papers will be transferred following the sale at the seller’s expense to the buyer per instructions given to sale clerks. Proper breeding statements will be given when transfers are made.