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Address: 251 Fiecthner Dr. Stapleton, Nebraska 69163
Cell Phone: 970-629-3389
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Owners: Logan and Jennifer Hill

Balanced, bottom line focused Angus and Black Hereford’s that’ll increase value and efficiency.


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HI/ Cattle Co is owned and operated by Logan and Jennifer Hill and centered in the Nebraska Sandhills. We are passionate about bringing a higher balance to our American Black Hereford and Angus cattle, rejecting the theory that cattle must be terminally or maternally focused. Instead we seek to increase the pounds that pay the bills without sacrificing maternal grace and longevity.

Our motto, Cattle with Grit, is more than a play on our sandy terrain. It’s a reflection of our commitment to raising cattle that can survive and thrive no matter what mother nature throws at us. As generational ranchers we’ve seen the hard years and we know cattlemen can’t afford cows that won’t work for a living. In this industry, we all need grit.

Our family has been operating in the cow/calf sector for more than 100 years and raising Black Herefords since 2011. We started from the ground up, using the Hereford and Angus genetics we’d seen work so well in our cow/calf operation to produce F1s we believed in. We believe that Black Herefords could change the industry and are excited to be a part of it.

Fifth, growing the sixth, generation ranchers dedicated to improving carcass quality, efficiency and premium retention for our customers.
















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