Sale Terms and Conditions

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Site of Sale: Ron Ramsey Ag Center
140 Spurgeon Ln, Blountville, TN 37617


Sale Terms & Conditions

Cash is preferred but checks will be accepted with proper ID.  Settlement should be made promptly with the cashier at the close of sale. Any checks returned for nonpayment will be pursued legally for payment.

Cattle will not be transferred until paid in full.



All buyer numbers will be issued with a valid ID.

After an animal is in the sale ring, it will be sold to the highest bidder. The auctioneer will settle all disputes relative to bids. Any “no-sales” must be called before the animal leaves the sale ring.

Any correction given from the auction box on sale day will be considered the same as though printed in this sale catalog.



All animals will be transferred by the Tennessee Black Hereford Association to the buyer per instructions given to sale clerks. Proper breeding statements will be given when transfers are made.


Loadout & Delivery

Cattle are available for load out as soon as the sale has concluded and settlement has been made. Please check your settlement sheet with the owner or other sale representative to be sure you have the correct animal.

Delivery is the buyer’s responsibility, but all consignors will assist with delivery if possible.



Health papers will be furnished for interstate shipment. All animals have been tested as required to meet health regulations of the state of Tennessee. Each animal sells full guaranteed under the Suggested Sale Terms & Conditions of the American Black Hereford Association and shall be accompanied by an official certificate of registry.

All animals of breeding age are guaranteed breeders. All untried animals are guaranteed to be without known defects, but nothing further. Animals failing to breed after a trial of six months may be returned

to the farm of the seller, in good condition. The seller reserves the right to try said animal for six months and if it proves to be a breeder, to return it to the buyer at his expense. If the animal proves to be a non-breeder, satisfactory exchange will be made or purchase price refunded.

All bulls will have passed a breeding soundness exam performed by a veterinarian within 30 days of sale day. Each animal will be at the purchaser’s risk as soon as sold and can be moved after the settlement has been made. Other guarantees or considerations than the above will be considered on the basis of accepted policies and practices recommended by the American Black Hereford Association. TBHA act only as agents between buyer and seller, any guarantees will strictly be handled between seller and buyer.


Required Documentation

All original registration papers must be on site before cattle can be sold. All original papers must be signed (including female’s breeding information). Papers must be brought to sale site when cattle are unloaded.



It is understood that the Tennessee Black Hereford Association will not in any way whatsoever be responsible for injury, accidents to animals, consignors, purchasers or visitors who attend this show and sale nor for any accidents that might happen prior to or after the show and sale. Acting as the sales manager, the Tennessee Black Hereford Association acts only as an agent for the sellers and has no responsibilities other than those involved in conducting the sale. There are no refunds on commission paid upfront to consign your animal or product for sale.

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Sale April 6, 2024